How to Gain New Customers for Your Business


In today’s weakening economy, it can be more difficult than ever to gain new customers. However, with the right plan and execution, you can continue to grow your business through any type of economic turmoil. Here are three ways that you can gain new customers so that your company can continue to thrive in any … [Read more…]


Basic Beauty Tips: Should You Cover Them on Your Brand Blog?


Because there’s always new health research coming out or a hamster wheel of beauty trends and techniques to try, you might be tempted to skip out on dropping knowledge on beauty basics, such as skincare layering or exfoliating. But there’s always a market for this type of information. Here’s why. 1. Cornerstone Content Covering beauty basics not only … [Read more…]


3 Tried-and-True Ways to Attract Customers to Your Beauty Business

Red hair woman buying deodorant in a cosmetics department

You’ve spent a lot of effort carving out your USP in the beauty space, and now it’s time to expand.  Here are three quick tips you should consider to leave a lasting impression. Print Marketing Materials In the age of online marketing, many beauty business owners rely on websites and social media to brand their businesses. … [Read more…]


The 7 Blunders of Beginning Entrepreneurs

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It is not easy to succeed in any business. There exist numerous challenges that every startup entrepreneur will experience before their enterprises start becoming profitable. One of the most significant areas that beginners should pay enough attention to is marketing. However, it is in this area where some businesses lose it all even before they … [Read more…]


How to Create an Attractive & Engaging Beauty Blog

teen beauty blog

Blogging has become the hottest way for opinionated entrepreneurs to voice their opinions on an equal platform. One industry that’s been growing in the blogging world is information on beauty. If you plan on breaking into this hot trend, here are some tips to help you create an attractive and engaging beauty blog. Collect Relevant … [Read more…]


How to Find Your Voice When You’re Creating a Blog

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When you’re promoting your business through a new blog, you might be wondering how “professional” it should sound. After all, you ARE a business, not a friend… or are you? Remember these tips if you’re attempting to find your voice for your blog: Tell a Story Instead of Spewing Out Facts It’s important to understand that stories are why … [Read more…]