Basic Beauty Tips: Should You Cover Them on Your Brand Blog?

Because there’s always new health research coming out or a hamster wheel of beauty trends and techniques to try, you might be tempted to skip out on dropping knowledge on beauty basics, such as skincare layering or exfoliating. But there’s always a market for this type of information. Here’s why.

1. Cornerstone Content

Covering beauty basics not only gives you some much-needed content, but it also provides your blog with evergreen content which you can link out to from other blog posts (instead of re-explaining basic topics). Both of these types of content are necessary for the long-term health of your blog.

2. It Might Not Be as Common as You Think

Just because something is common knowledge for you doesn’t mean it’s common knowledge for your readers, particularly those who are new to beauty. Perhaps you have readers who didn’t care about makeup growing up, for instance, but they’re paying more attention now that they’re in the workforce.

Plus, sometimes, in order for information to really sink in it needs to be repeated. For example, it’s common knowledge that sleep can affect your skin health, but people still don’t get enough despite knowing this. By repeating this wisdom, you may just be the reminder someone needs to pay better attention.

3. Beauty Basics Are Always Changing

Beauty basics can change over time as both the industry and mainstream learn more about different topics and products. For example, the importance of using toners has ebbed and flowed over time. In the ’90s, toners were primarily considered essentials for only acne sufferers. There was a time after that they were stigmatized for being too drying. Nowadays, they’re thought to be foundational elements of a well-rounded skincare routine and beauty brands sell them to help balance skin pH, complete the cleansing step and even moisturize.


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