3 Tried-and-True Ways to Attract Customers to Your Beauty Business

Red hair woman buying deodorant in a cosmetics department

You’ve spent a lot of effort carving out your USP in the beauty space, and now it’s time to expand.  Here are three quick tips you should consider to leave a lasting impression.

Print Marketing Materials

In the age of online marketing, many beauty business owners rely on websites and social media to brand their businesses. However, print marketing can also give customers something to remember your business by. By handing out pamphlets and gifting potential customers with tangible items such as bottle openers or useful trinkets (e.g. a magnet that lists how long you should keep different types of cosmetics and skincare products before they go bad), you might give your prospective customers more time with you. There is a lot of competition for attention online, but maybe if your customer has your glossy product booklet in her bag she’ll take time to review it during her subway commute or while she’s waiting at the doctor’s office.

Hire a Copywriter

An excellent copywriter is a neutral source who sees your business from both a customer’s and beauty journalist’s standpoint. We can take into account your brand’s unique needs and write to your ideal customers while generating press at the same time. With our specialized skills in writing for blogs, emails and websites, we can boost client interaction by building an authentic relationship with them. By hiring a copywriter, you’re essentially outsourcing the need for a knowledgeable writer with industry experience and saving yourself time and money

Host an Event

Everyone loves free products and services! Introduce customers to your beauty business by hosting a party or becoming part of a beauty event with other companies. Your fun event can include free makeovers, discounted haircuts, raffles and more. To attract a diverse audience, look to other local businesses to join and pay a small table fee. The most important thing is to interact with your customers and lead them right to the door of your establishment or to your website. 


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