3 More Reasons Why Beauty Businesses Need Blog Content

As a beauty business and influencer, you have a blog, but creating content for it can seem like a chore after a while. You want to create and sell amazing products! This doesn’t always mean wanting to make a lot of words about other things. Why do you need blog content, anyway?

Answering Questions

One of the great things about having a blog is that you can use it to answer any questions about products which come up frequently. Yes, customers should use your handy FAQ page, but you know they don’t always do that. If you can answer questions while telling them what a new product is doing, and what it’s magnificent for helping with, even better. Your enthusiasm for answering all questions can give you a reputation for openness and transparency. Ongoing honesty about your products is good business!

Building Authority

Good blogs are based on facts more than opinions, though there’s certainly room for some opinion in an industry as subjective as the beauty industry. However, you know that there are only small portions which are subjective, as much of what you are selling is science which helps and heals. Your clients want to know that your products are the best options available for them, and that they are made safely and healthily. This makes it possible for your blog to offer authoritative information which can give both your personal opinion about what is best, but also the crucial expert information your customers want.

SEO Is Everything

The Search Engine Optimization for blogs is enhanced by frequent updates. That’s just the way algorithms work. If you want more people to be able to see your website and find your posts, frequent postings are the way to go! Search engines need to know that you are frequently using and updating your website. This means that your site is active and being used by yourself and others. This puts you higher on search results, which is always a good thing!

Your business needs a blog, and a frequently updated one at that! Beauty is a big business, and it’s an important one in many facets. Whether you are offering tips for the best colors for a season, options for sensitive faces, or options for sensitive skin, there are more than enough excellent topics to fuel your blog posting for years to come!  

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