How to Find Your Voice When You’re Creating a Blog

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When you’re promoting your business through a new blog, you might be wondering how “professional” it should sound. After all, you ARE a business, not a friend… or are you?

Remember these tips if you’re attempting to find your voice for your blog:

Tell a Story Instead of Spewing Out Facts

It’s important to understand that stories are why readers continue to return for more content. Instead of providing the facts, you’ll want to tell a story with each post, whether you’re discussing your passion behind starting the company or the history of your brand. Telling a story will allow your audience to connect with you and will keep them engaged to ensure they read each word you post. I mean, who wants to read something that sounds like a boring white paper?

Know Your Audience (Duh)

The key to writing online is to know your audience, and to tailor your writing style accordingly. The expectations of an online reader are going to be very different from those of someone accustomed to reading print publications, for example. Knowing your audience is one of the most critical steps to take when learning how to write content for each blog post. Whether you’re targeting college students or are speaking to older adults, understanding what your ideal customer is interested in will allow you to establish your voice early on as you begin to write. Allow your voice to change and adapt as you grow as a professional or connect more with your readers.

Be Original (Duh)

Although you may want to follow the lead of other companies that have blogs in the industry, be original with your content to ensure you interest your readers and offer something unique. Don’t be afraid to use humor and discuss your own opinions. Becoming too conscious of what you sound like can allow you to sound similar to a competitor.

Read It Out Loud

A blog post is a conversation, so once you complete each post for your blog, read it out loud to get an idea of what you sound like on paper. Hearing the words can make it easier to understand if what you’re communicating is clear and easy to grasp. You can get an idea of if the words sound like they came from a human or a robot, which is a factor that will influence if the readers continue reading.

Finding your voice when starting a blog is the most critical step to take to create quality content. Staying vulnerable and true to yourself will allow your business to stand out and appear more personal. If you feel you need more help with creating the voice of your brand, contact me and see how I can help! I would love to help you succeed today!


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