What Great Content Can Do for Your Brand

What Great Content Can Do for Your Brand

Does your business focus on inbound marketing to generate customer interest? Content marketing is a tool that can build trust with leads and customers, help them mentally prepare to buy your products and services, and serve as brand touchpoints to make sure that your business stays on the top of their minds.


How does strong content help you get more sales?

In the age of internet marketing, it’s easier than ever to make offers to potential customers. According to Evolvor.com, 41% of all advertising spending is now devoted to digital. But now there’s an overabundance of businesses placing multiple offers at once in front of the same customer. This technique overwhelms potential customers and makes them less likely to buy from any company they are unfamiliar with.

Many businesses use overstated claims to advertise poor quality products and services. This leaves a lasting impact on consumers, making them less likely to purchase from businesses they are unfamiliar with — a phenomenon called consumer resistance.


Content marketing breaks down the mental resistance consumers build to protect themselves

If a company creates compelling content that solves a problem for a consumer, that consumer is more likely to trust them. And if the company continues to solve problems for the consumer, they will see the company as an ally instead of an un-welcomed intrusion into their lives.

Content marketing is the art and science of breaking down barriers by developing articles, videos, free downloads, and other forms of media that fosters a trust relationship between businesses and consumers.


Content marketing is an essential part of search engine ranking strategy

According to algorithm updates released by Google, high-quality content on websites is a necessary part of ranking well on their platform. Google ranks websites that provide compelling, problem-solving content higher than websites that only offer services. Google’s Panda update rewards websites with content that is engaging, authoritative, and problem-solving.

The key to optimizing your website for this kind of SEO is getting influencers in your industry to link to high-quality content on your website that solves problems for your audience.


Should you hire a freelancer or an in-house team member to create content?

Hiring a freelancer to work with your business is a cost-effective way to have content created for your business. In-house team members expect higher wages and benefits due to their exclusivity to your business. A freelancer works with clients from all over the world and can offer flexible prices based on your exact needs.

Why is a freelance content creator superior to an in-house team member? If you hire an employee, you may need to relocate them to your area, train them how to be an effective copywriter for your brand, and pay them a higher wage with taxes and health insurance costs built in. Your time will be spent monitoring them instead of running your business.

A professional freelancer will be able to work independently, create content on a dedicated schedule, and develop higher quality content as they comes to understand your brand better.


Is content marketing right for your brand?

In 2018, content marketing is essential for any brand to survive. Focus on solving problems for your consumers with each piece of content and you will develop a community that is eager to buy from you.

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