[Infographic] The Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Does my company really need a blog?”

Especially in the beauty and health industries — where content is progressively saturated, redundant and lackluster — there’s a lot of hesitation investing time and dollars into building a blog. I get it. It requires a ton of work, human hours and resources and it doesn’t always offer instant ROI like, say, Facebook ads or even email newsletters.

The most common justification for holding off on blogging (or eschewing it altogether) is this: there are thriving business that are surviving just fine without blogs. But keep in mind these juggernaut brands have marketing dollars in the multiple thousands or millions to invest in visibility through nationwide ads, product placements, Google and Facebook ads and influencer and social media marketing, which in turn helps drive huge amounts of traffic to their sites and increases their search engine placements.

There are companies in both worlds, such as L’Oreal’s Makeup.com and Skincare.com and Quest Nutrition, successfully harnessing their brand blogs as integral elements of their content marketing efforts. But even small businesses that haven’t been around that long can benefit.

I’ve spoken at length with marketing and brand directors as well as entrepreneurs and founders. First, I tell them that as long as they enlist expert editors and journalists and don’t treat their blog like an afterthought, they can reap numerous benefits, especially with strategy and patience. A blog is not simply a portion of your site where you post uninspired articles just to post them. It’s an avenue in which you can speak at length to your customers without interrupting them and the closet thing you get to a friendly conversation with them, particularly those who are knowledgeable, influential and most of all, loyal. If you’re willing to do it right, here are some of the remarkable benefits you’ll see:

Benefits of Blogging for Brand or Business

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