Ask any professional marketing consultant and you’ll get 100 legit reasons why their services are valuable to your business. Here are my 2 cents:

Freelancers save you money. Here’s how.

Marketing writers know how to put words together so they can meet business objectives. Everyone can write, but not everyone knows how to sell, convince or build loyalty through their writing.

Professional copy sells. Bad writing doesn’t.

Poor writing can cost you big time. According to marketing expert Allison Nazarian, businesses can lose 10% in sales due to minor writing errors. Flawless and easy-to-digest writing makes you look professional, put together and trustworthy.

You want to stand out. There’s no other business exactly like yours. Yet, because there is an overload of minimally interesting content out there for customers to swim through, your business might not be discovered or quickly disregarded. With strategic writing and a solid content marketing plan and personalized, flavorful content, you can emerge out of the sea of similarities.

You can spend time doing what you’re best at. Just like you’d hire an accountant rather than crunch the numbers yourself, hiring a writer creates efficiency.  Unless your (or someone else’s) sole responsibility is to perfect the writing and manage the flow of content for your business, there’s a good chance you have other skills that can make the most productive use of your time.

You lack sufficient quantities of in-house writers. Your staff is brilliant, but there just isn’t enough of them to fulfill your massive needs. You might want to consider hiring a professional writer to alleviate from the time crunch. Instead of lots of mediocre material, the group can collectively focus on producing impactful content.

Your writing needs to be compatible with search engines. You can satisfy both your community and search engines without sacrificing sincerity or transparency — but it’s not as simple as it looks!

Now onto a slight tangent…

Blogging is important, too. From HubSpot’s The State of Inbound Marketing 2012 study:

  • 6% of sites that blog once a month have acquired a customer through their blog.
  • 78% of sites that blog once a day have acquired a customer through their blog.
  • How about the sites that blog more than once each day? 92% of them have acquired a new customer through their blog.

However, blogging takes up an immense amount of time. It also involves strategizing and planning an editorial calendar. If you don’t have the capacity to execute a successful plan, finding someone who can do it for you might be a smart option.

Speaking of blogging, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the new advertising.

In short, it’s sharing valuable, useful, enjoyable and expert information with your community so you can convert prospects to customers and customers to loyal ambassadors. You share this information through your website, blog, social networks, case studies, white papers, e-books or other channels of communication depending on what works best for you.

Why should you invest in content marketing? Content provides valuable, useful and entertaining materials to your customers and establishes your business as a reliable expert in your field. Take a look at the infographic below by Content Plus, which illustrates how content marketing is one of the most important strategies to grow a business. I would also recommend reading this article about the sheer power of content marketing.

But why ME?

Of the 6.8+ billion people in the world, why should you choose me to write or strategize content for your business?

In addition to achieving increased sales and customer loyalty…

I can write  — but I also have massive editorial and marketing experience. You need more than a group of wonderfully strung-together words to be effective. You need to know how, what, when and to whom to send them out to, whether that’s your website, blog, e-newsletter or banner ad.

I can also research like a reporter.  Anyone can run a simple Google search, gather (usually well-known) facts and turn it into an essay. I dive into my research and, oftentimes, uncover new things clients haven’t even heard of before.

I understand writing as well as content marketing. This means I won’t fulfill your projects as mere independent assignments. I approach each assignment holistically, understanding that each written piece fits into a larger, complex content strategy. I aim to ensure the writing complements and enhances your overall business goals.

Your brand will pop so that customers won’t ignore you. With the skyrocketing rise of entrepreneurship and the increasing prevalence of large brands, it’s noisier than ever in the marketplace — especially online. Distinctive writing makes you worth a closer look and golden content will make you worth a long visit.  It’s one of the biggest challenges a brand faces. I always focus on how to make you stand out above the rest.

Your complex ideas will be distilled into engaging, digestible words. Because of my experience working with such a large variety of businesses, including mom-and-pop shops, nonprofit organizations, e-commerce shops and global beauty brands, I’ve stumbled upon quite a few concepts that were simply difficult to understand for the lay audience. I can absorb these ideas for you and translate them so they’re not only comprehensible but magnetic.

Your voice will be crafted to be the most distinct in the market. Does your brand’s copy appear to mimic the tone and personality of your competitors? Whether your brand is quirky, edgy, witty, serious or uber-professional, I can provide words that truly resonate with your audience and inspire action.

You’ll progressively establish your authority in your space. One of the best aspects of being a marketing writer is that my job requires lots of research into subjects I would’ve never thought of delving into. When I write for you, I immerse ourselves in your subject so I can write with authority and clarity. With a steady valve of high-value content, your customers will begin to see you as more than a seller — they’ll see you as a trusted resource to help them fulfill their needs.

Your content will be real and human. Although whipping up an award-worthy 500-word blog post in ten minutes or a landing page in five is every writer’s dream, I’d rather not focus on churning out your pieces in short times frames. Your written materials shouldn’t come out of a factory—they need the TLC only a person can provide in order to thrive. I’ll do what I need to do to create something I’ll be proud of displaying.