Want to Be a Beauty Blogger? How to Start the Right Way

Want to Be a Beauty Blogger? How to Get Famous

With the advent of the internet and its many social media platforms, making a notable name for oneself is more accessible than ever before. Anyone can pick up a camera and start recording! Having a camera or a few killer Instagram photos isn’t a linear nor guaranteed path to success, however; while the internet and social media have made fame more accessible, your dreams will still take a lot of dedication and hard work! The beauty blogging stratosphere, in particular, is a saturated one, and you’ll have to commit to standing out and creating quality content. With a little effort (and some assistance from a few of the tips listed below) your visions of a socialite life aren’t so far out of reach:

1. You’re a Natural!

Natural lighting is one of the best ways for a beginner visual artist to get a quality shot. It’s also incredibly attractive — we live in a world that is obsessed with all things natural (Digital Photography School). Don’t believe us? Snap photos for your blog or social media in natural lighting and watch the likes roll in. If you intend to start a YouTube channel and are initially intimidated by the thought (or price) of setting up your own studio lights, skip the accouterments, and prop up your tripod in front of a window. Voila!

2. Learn When to Say No

Once your blog or channel begins to gain traction, you may attract sponsorship offers. This can feel exciting and validating, and the promise of free products is undoubtedly tempting. It’s important to remain authentic with your followers by only accepting product partnerships with brands you can genuinely see yourself enjoying and recommending. Likewise, it’s important that the brand reaching out to you is extending a fair trade-off for your marketing efforts so as to not undervalue your work as an individual (Inc). Remember, that just because you can doesn’t always mean you should.

3. Network, Network, Network!

Do not underestimate the importance of networking. Follow other influencers and content creators in your community and interact with them on social media. This will not only boost your own social media engagement, but may lead to conversations that lead to collaborations and better yet — real-life friendships!

4. What’s in a Name?

Are you familiar with search engine optimization, or SEO for short? SEO is the algorithm that determines the relevancy of your web page when certain keywords are typed into a search engine. It’s also a decisive indicator of how much traffic your blog will acquire (Conversion Moxy). More traffic = more viewers and followers = more brand collaborations = more income. Research SEO-rich words and phrases for your niche, and learn how to naturally incorporate them into blog posts and photo captions.

5. No One is You, and That is Your Superpower

It may seem like a tired maxim, but staying true to yourself is so powerful and so important! It’s easy to look at another successful person’s style or brand and want to emulate it, but the world doesn’t need more carbon copies. The world needs you. Be you, and do so boldly. Don’t give in to the pressures to conform to trends or maintain a shallow online identity; get silly, get real, and get genuine! Authenticity always shines.


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