Welcome! Sarah Ban here. I’m a journalist, editor and marketing copywriter, and I work with the beauty, health and wellness community. Whether it’s helping a cosmetics company manage a cool blog, sending out money-making newsletters for a skincare line or interviewing spiritual masters for an Eastern medicine site, if content is required, that’s when brands turn to me.

Entrepreneur, small business owner, marketing/brand manager or editor:

You know you’re well poised for unbridled success in the beauty, health or wellness industry because you have something extraordinary to offer.

But your potential customers don’t know this.

According to the latest market research from Lucintel, the global beauty care products industry is forecasted to reach around $265 billion by 2017. And according to Euromonitor International, health and wellness will grow to be trillion-dollar industry by 2017.

So your competition isn’t going anywhere.

And your competition has bigger marketing budgets to implement gloss magazine-level editorial content featuring A-list influencers—plus advertising budgets to keep them at the top.

And in this crowded marketplace, you need content to set yourself apart.

Think about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs this way: Your products fulfill an immediate need, like clearer skin, but words are what offer the emotional and mental bond you need to create loyalty and trust with your customers.” 

But are you still grappling with churning out fresh, standout content to drive customers to your brand? Perhaps you’re still trying to figure out solutions to a few things, like:



generate a windmill of inimitable content without running out of ideas

upgrade your writing from boring to anything but

deliver articles based on scientific research and written with journalistic aplomb

ideate articles that will truly attract your readers

find a writer who gets you—and your brand’s unique personality

find the time to do all of this!


So what do you need to get your (perma) place in the spotlight and make customers hoard your way?



Work with a triple-whammy beauty + wellness expert who can

sell like a copywriter

research and report like a journalist

write smart headlines and polish articles

organize your editorial calendar and ideas like a managing editor

tout your know-how of beauty + health + wellness


Your solution may be right in front of you. I work with beauty, health & wellness brands that need help with writing, editing and showing off their authority by offering research-backed content and ultimately, a riveting brand that customers (and press) go back to again and again and again.

I show them how to ditch the tearfully boring blog posts, unnoticed e-newsletters and sad, drab websites and draw in fans through gravitational storytelling with my expert editorial direction and wordcrafting, while spewing actionable, results-making advice on web and in-person image and, most importantly, injecting major inspiration and productivity and joy into their work. What’s the point? To get your customers—and buying your stuff already—again and again. And also, to prepare you for becoming a beloved press darling for when you blow up.

One question marketers should ask before creating #content: Is my content different from my competition?” – Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute

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