The 7 Blunders of Beginning Entrepreneurs

It is not easy to succeed in any business. There exist numerous challenges that every startup entrepreneur will experience before their enterprises start becoming profitable. One of the most significant areas that beginners should pay enough attention to is marketing. However, it is in this area where some businesses lose it all even before they make their first sales. Marketing is crucial, but close attention should be paid to the technique used, as well as its effectiveness in the end. The following are some of the common mistakes that many startup entrepreneurs make when marketing their products or services:

Hastening to Hire

The significance of employees to any business entity cannot be overemphasized. They are the heartbeat of the operations in any firm. However, there is a need to be careful about when to involve permanent employees in a startup firm. The general belief is that permanently employed marketers are more likely to deliver than their contractually hired counterparts. The argument is that a permanent employee has a sense of ownership to the long-term success of any firm. This may be true to some extent as it is crucial to have a group of trusted employees who clearly understand the targets of the business entity.

However, hiring permanently employed marketers can lead to the downfall of a startup firm. This may occur due to numerous reasons, and the most apparent is bankruptcy. Permanently employed staff require higher salaries than interns and freelancers. Therefore, it is not advisable for a startup to channel a significant chunk of their money to the payment of substantial wages at an early stage. Instead, the firms should seek alternative marketers that are cheap until the firm breaks even. Later on, the firm can hire the permanently contracted employees when the business has started being profitable.

Having No Website

The business world is becoming more competitive than ever, and there is a need for firms to improve their operations every new day to remain relevant. Marketing is also changing. In the past, placing an advert in the newspaper was seen as an effective marketing strategy that would draw enormous masses to consider the product or service. However, such approaches are these days less effective in reaching out to customers.

In the present times, most people spend a significant chunk of their time on the internet. Therefore, any firm that wants to reach out to prospects should have a website. This website should give a clear view of all the items that they deal with. Failure to having a site can be a suicidal blunder for any business, especially if you have products that can be sold online. Ecommerce is taking off and integrating your physical business with an online presence is a great way to maximize your sales.

Not Posting Often Enough

Having a website will not necessarily bring you numerous clients. You must work hard towards ensuring that the site is helpful to clients and prospects. Search engines have a criterion of ranking websites preferences depending on the queries made by internet users. Therefore, you should ensure that you have applied the most effective SEO strategy to give your website high traffic. When many people visit your site, there is a high probability of closing numerous deals, and this will, in turn, increase your company’s profitability. Therefore, ensure that the website always has new and engaging information that captures the needs of consumers in the specific area of specialization.

Not Reviewing Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing is designed to bring more clients to the business than before. In this respect, many newly established enterprises have different approaches that they employ in their operations. However good a marketing strategy may seem on paper, it is imperative to study its effectiveness. Therefore, a startup entrepreneur should dedicate a fair share of their time and resources towards this area. This can be done by analyzing the data obtained from the ground concerning the projection of the strategy in question. If the technique is not working, alterations should be made to improve its effectiveness. On the other hand, a working plan should be upheld and continually modified to increase its efficiency.

Marketing to the Wrong People

For startups, knowing the right people to reach out to can prove to be a daunting task. However, attempts should be made to ensure that the appropriate prospects are engaged. This is because new businesses spend numerous resources on marketing without result only to find that they reached out to the wrong persons. To avoid this blunder, adequate research should be conducted. Again, analyzing the effectiveness of a marketing strategy will be helpful in identifying whether the right people are reached out to. By marketing to the right people, you help people who are browsing your website to become actual buyers. Make sure you have the right target audience in mind. 

However, channeling all marketing efforts to one kind of client can prove to be an undoing. Instead, startup entrepreneurs should widen their target scope to involve as many clients as possible.

Underusing Blogs

In addition to having a website, every startup company should have a blog section. The primary aim of a blog is to have an interactive platform between the prospects and the marketers. This way, the clients can pose their questions as the marketers respond and give clarifications where necessary. Having such an open forum is very useful in attracting clients. Customers prefer to engage with a firm that is open and ready to respond to their queries at any time.

Companies that have no blogs can post on other popular websites. This will bring more traffic to their primary site and increase the chances of closing down a sale.

Mimicking Competitors

It is always important to pay close attention to what competitors are doing. However, copying down their marketing techniques will not necessarily draw you more customers. Instead, it is advisable to develop a unique way of presenting your products or services to prospects. This way, clients will find it interesting to read more concerning your products. The argument is that nobody has a clear idea of achieving their targets. Even the most successful competitors had to devise their strategy while shunning the other existing ones. Therefore, innovation is key to creating brand uniqueness.

In a nutshell, startup entrepreneurs should avoid making the blunders mentioned above at all costs. When a company is aggressive in reaching out to new clients, more deals will be closed, and profitability will soar.



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