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The type of research, voice and writing style as well as length for all assignments are unique to each brand. Below are several samples which I chose based on high performance, but I can send you a hand-selected assortment of clips relevant to your project upon initial consultation. Email me at info {at} sarahban {dot} com to get started.

(*Note: This list is not always the most up-to-date clips.)

Reporting, Interviews and Article Writing for Publications*

self magazine

Here’s Why You’re Getting an Armpit Rash From Deodorant—and What to Do About It (PUBLISHED AUGUST 3, 2022)

Reported story on psychodermatology


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organic authority

10 Super-Simple Secrets Mallika Chopra Says Create the Most Balanced Life Ever

Interview with Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and national best-selling author Danielle LaPorte

Interview with holistic skincare pioneer Tammy Fender


7 Totally Exotic Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients You Need in Your Life Right Now

the kitchn

For The Kitchn, I conducted interviews with influential culinary experts and research/report on food science and trends.

Living Healthy

Wait, We Need to Wear Sunscreen at Night?

Your Cosmetics May Soon Be FDA-Regulated (and Safer)

How to Fall Asleep in 1 Minute

How To Meditate Your Headache Away

Copywriting for Beauty & Wellness Brands

Sephora Gondola for Cover FX

(see below)


Cover FX: Product and Packaging Copy


Cover FX Influencer Card

Freelance Beauty Copywriter

Sanitas Skincare B2B 3-Panel Brochure

freelance beauty copywriter

Email Newsletters

A selection of high-performance e-newsletters (measured by click rates, open rates and revenue)

Odacité Skincare: Live for Botanical Oils

Don’t Skip Summer Without “C”

Dynamic Duos for Your Skin

Flower Power

 Blogging for Brands

co bigelow

Role: Legendary apothecary/pharmacy CO Bigelow launched their brand-new blog, Bigelow Blog, in 2017. To kick it off, I worked with Ian Ginsberg, president and third-generation owner, to produce content reflective of how their friendly 6th Avenue pharmacists would advise their real customers.

How to Apply Self-Tanner

What’s the Best Way to Treat a Hangover?

Is It a Cold or the Flu?

How to Heal Chapped Hands

When to Start Using Eye Cream

Hair Brushes: Natural or Synthetic?