Did you know that even the smallest writing errors can cost your business 10% of sales annually? Or that an overwhelming 92% of businesses that blog more than once a day have acquired customers through their blog?*


Writing — excellent writing that accurately reflects the core values of your brand — is paramount to the longevity and growth of your business.


Words have power to influence thought and exist on a potent emotional level that reason and rational dialog cannot compete with. — Steve Herman


All services are performed virtually, with access to email, phone, Skype and Google Chat. It’s green and allows for creative thinking at any time of the day.


What You’ll Get Out of Working With Us


To name a few…

  • Personalized, flavorful content that your community will appreciate and value
  • Increased sales Increased referrals through word of mouth and social sharing
  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Increased company authority and positive reputation
  • Increased trust, engagement and rapport with customers and partners
  • Flawless copy that’s representative of your professional brand
  • Decreased stress and anxiety of maintaining a steady flow of content that resonates with your ideal customer
  • More time to spend on billable hours and exercise your expertise
  • Confidence in your company’s written communications


“Resident” Brand Writing (Best Value!)


Below is a snapshot of all our writing services. For brands that are looking for a regular “anchor” or “resident” brand writer and content strategist, we can talk about what areas you’re looking to fulfill. For example, you might want a regular blogger, editor, e-newsletter manager and product description writer. Contact us info {at} sarahban {dot} com.


Website Evaluation 

We’ll analyze your website and determine what needs to be added and improved to better serve your business and your community. We can even work with your web designer to make the appropriate changes and optimize your site for increased click-throughs and decreased bounce rates.




Website Content (Static)

These are the pages of your website that, for the most part, are indefinitely ingrained on your site. These pages are the cornerstone of your business’s online presence and explain who you are, how you work, why you’re different, and why they should choose you. These pages include:

  • About Us/Company Background
  • Staff & Management Bios
  • Values & Philosophy
  • History
  • Product/Service Background Information
  • FAQs


Website Content (Fluid)

In order for your business to demonstrate it’s active and energetic, you need to consistently update your community with news, promotions, announcements and useful information. Most companies use their blog as their primary long-form communications tool, as the heart of their content marketing efforts. It’s where you build authority, dispense valuable information, tell stories and entertain your customers so you can build rapport and trust (and ultimately make sales).

  • Blog Posts (extra charge for accompanying images)
  • Interviews
  • Feature Articles
  • eBooks
  • Case Studies


Blog Production & Maintenance

Blog writing deserves its own section because it’s simply something you shouldn’t hire someone to do once. Remember, publishing one incredible post will not do much for your business. You need a steady stream of useful, entertaining content that builds trust and rapport over time. In addition, you shouldn’t abandon your articles once you publish them — you need someone to constantly moderate and respond to comments, share the posts via social media, forums and relevant communities, build relationships with influential bloggers who can back you up, and create an editorial calendar full of nonstop ideas.

  • Keyword analysis included (for ongoing projects)
  • All articles are written to be compatible with SEO and social media
  • For extra, an accompanying image will be provided so you don’t have to!


Landing Pages

Make the most of this single web page so your customers sign up or buy your product right away.


Squeeze Page

Gather qualifying email leads with an effective, can’t-abandon squeeze page so you can begin a long-term relationship with your customers right away.



Want to highlight a special conference, event, product or service with a separate mini-site? Contact us to discuss if this is something that would make sense for your business objectives, and how it would fit in with your overall brand site.


Catalog & Product Descriptions

Too many businesses underestimate the sheer power of product descriptions. Whether you’re selling organic skincare or supplements, you want to rouse the senses so the customer’s desire for the product transforms into a need. You also want to display your expertise, genuine passion and highly distinctive personality. Finally, you want to draw the best picture for your customers — in words.


This can be in both web and print form as a sell sheet or sales brochure.


Sales Letter

Long, short, online or in print, a powerful sales letter will bring in your most willing, curious and ready-to-buy customers.


Online Ads

Let us help you tap into your customers’ desires with all the right words, even with the splatter of distractions and messages they’re inundated with on every web page they visit. A good online ad can also help attract the most valuable and likely prospects to your business.


Press Releases

We can help you craft a magnetic press release that gets attention and stays on the minds of the target groups that matter most to you.


Please note: Prices are determined on a project-by-project basis. Factors taken into consideration include the complexity of each project, amount of upfront research needed, available resources, communication time, project duration and others. Special rates are available for permanent clients. Please email info {at} sarahban {dot} com for a free consultation, expanded fee schedule and quote.


* Per Allison Nazarian, marketing expert; HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing 2012 study


Contact me at info {at} sarahban {dot} com if you’d like to get started or have any questions at all.


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