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The type of research, voice and writing style as well as length for all assignments are unique to each brand and its specific requests. Below are several clips (several of hundreds), but note that I’ll send you samples pertinent to your unique needs upon initial consultation.

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Sanitas Skincare 3-Panel Brochure announcing new Vita-Rich Moisturizer

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Sephora Gondola


Influencer and Instagram Copy

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Web Copy, Product Description and Packaging Copy for Custom Enhancer Drops


Custom Blot Drops + Clear Cover Sunscreen (Click for full PDF)

Freelance Beauty Copywriter

Email Newsletter

Newsletter for Odacité Luxury Skincare: Vitamin C

Newsletter: Flower Power!

Reporting, Article Writing and Blogging boasts a readership of fiercely independent, non-conformist, hip females and males. Click the image for all my beauty articles written for this publication.

freelance beauty copywriter sarah ban

For Circcell Luxury Skincare, I took over their editorial calendar and blog writing to shift their voice, style and focus on high-end luxury. Here is one sample of many.

For The Kitchn, I conduct interviews with influential culinary experts and research/report on food science and trends.

Kitchn author page sarah ban writer

Click here for all my LivingHealthy articles, most of which were based on breaking health research or trending pieces.

freelance beauty copywriter sarah ban wanted me to write a comprehensive review on the Best Eye Creams based on extremely thorough, data-driven internet research. Click through for the full article.

best eye cream writer sarah ban

The HDiet provides research-backed health news for their raw-food vegan readership. Here is one of many articles I wrote for them in response to a burning (commonly asked) question, “Why do I need supplements if I’m eating healthy?”.

Here’s another one about how to combat cold & flu season.

And another about common nutritional deficiencies.

freelance health writer